check shirts for men

How to Style Checkered Shirts for Men

Do you want to try something new instead of your standard uniform of jeans and a white shirt? The best solution is to incorporate some checked shirts into your collection.

A Checkered Shirt for a Man is a wardrobe staple. Your checkered shirts, in contrast to your Hawaiian shirts and denim shorts, will remain in style forever, make a purchase now for a wise long term investment. Everything you need to know about rocking the latest plaid shirt trends is right here.

Do Checkered and Checked Mean the Same Thing?

Shirts with squares formed by horizontal and vertical lines at an angle are called checkered or checked Shirt. This means that you can treat them as synonyms.

Pair Your Checked Shirt with Denim

Check shirts for men

Denim is a timeless choice to wear with a plaid or checked shirt. It's basic, and any guy can successfully wear it. You should wear your shirt untucked and your pants should be slender and either light or dark in colour. You may dress this outfit up even more by pairing it with shoes or boots and a cap. A dash of sophistication can be added to any outfit by donning dark jeans and finishing it off with a dark checkered shirt.

Combine it with Your Dressiest Accessories for a Sophisticated Look

A checkered shirt is appropriate attire for a more formal occasion. However, it is essential to avoid visual overload by mixing too many different patterns and colours. When compared to larger, more casual checks, smaller ones are seen as a more Formal Combination for Men. The sleeves need to be lengthy so they can be worn with a suit. If your function calls for a tie, keep in mind that a thick tie can make a checked shirt look unprofessional. Formal combination for men when going for a smart casual look, a checked shirt can be a challenge wearing neutral colours, high-quality fabric, and long sleeves is recommended.

Is the plaid design on your shirt particularly bright? If that's the case, the rest of your ensemble ought to be understated. The most convenient and versatile choice is a pair of black pants and trendy sneakers.

Layer Under a Jacket

You can't go wrong with a plaid shirt and a leather or dark denim jacket. Make sure the shirt is untucked and the coat is just partially buttoned to get this classic style. You can dress up or dress down a checked shirt in this manner.

This look is great for a laid-back weekend outing or a casual work environment. You can get by with just a leather or denim jacket and a pair of dark pants.

Goes Well with Chinos

Chino pants are quite adaptable and may be worn in a variety of ways. Put together an effortless smart-casual appearance by pairing a check shirt with chinos and finishing off the outfit with a pair of Chelsea boots or brogues.

The ubiquitous checked shirt can be dressed up to produce a polished, preppy look for more formal occasions. If you choose the appropriate fit and choose colours that complement your skin tone, you can't go wrong with one of these shirts.

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