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Wardrobe Essentials for Every Occasion

When it comes to a man's wardrobe there’s a limitation of articles unlike women’s. To keep your style game up we have listed some wardrobe essentials to create various looks for you.

Checks Shirt for Men

Checks are one of the staples when it comes to men’s wardrobes. It is a must-have as it is worn on any occasion. Be it a casual lunch or a formal meeting, first date or a family get-together.

man wearing blue check shirt

This one is an all-rounder, so you can create a lot of different looks with it. Here are a few ways to style it.

  • Pair this cotton check shirt with white jeans and carry it to a casual day outing/gathering. Or pair the same with a dark bottom and you are ready for a dinner party. Don't forget to accessorize with a watch and sneakers.
  • Create a semi-formal look by tucking in this check shirt with a trouser and a pair of formal shoes.
  • Wear it unbuttoned  with a white undershirt, and pair it with jeans to give a cool look.

The same styling can be done with a Blue Check Shirt

Best Formal Pant Shirt Combination

A white shirt is the most essential piece of attire in a man’s wardrobe. Pair it with anything and everything.

When it comes to formal dress for men white shirt is king.

stylish formal pant shirt
  • Tuck in with any color trousers like black, blue, beige, gray or green and create a formal look. Complete the look with a watch, belt, and shoes. Make sure the shoes and belt are of the same color.
  • For office wear, pair it with a suit or blazer,  a white shirt can be worn any time of the year.

According to a study, women find men wearing plain white shirts up to 12% more attractive.

We offer more than 20 shades of solid shirts.

The best and most loved combination is a ‘White shirt and blue jeans’. It sounds basic, but it is the best combo of classy and cool for a casual look, and for a formal look blue pant shirt.
A good white formal shirt with capris can create a stylish summer look. Roll up your sleeves and wear a pair of good sneakers to complete the look.

You can never go wrong with a plain white shirt. When in doubt, wear a white shirt.

Printed Shirts for Men

Earlier, if a man would shop, the reason to buy a print would be for a tropical vacation. But this has changed over the years.

gents shirt

The print family is so vast that it can be used in various ways, Formal, casual or party wear.

  • For Formals - Small prints on full sleeves shirts, tucked in.
  • For Casual - Floral or big prints.
  • For party wear- Printed half shirt for men

The latest trend in the print industry is digital prints. The print is cybernate on a computer and then crafted on the selected fabric.

The printed category is one of the best party wear shirts for men. It gives a very classy look and makes a guy look more stylish.

Polo T Shirts for Men

Polo's are a timeless classic, which explains why it’s such a popular item in menswear and womenswear. You’d be hard-pressed to find a man who doesn’t own at least three or four of these comfortable and versatile pieces. Smart and sporty, this style icon is versatile, which is why it can be your ultimate ally.

Wear a polo for a casual business meeting or for clubbing with your friends. The only thing to keep in mind before buying a polo t shirts is the right choice of fabric. Select the fabric as per your body type.

model wearing black t shirt

Piqué cotton:  it's a textured fabric that hugs the body, so if you want to rock a plus size this fabric is for you.

Pure Cotton: cotton and cotton blend polo shirts are a perfect choice as they are softer and more comfortable than pique cotton.

  • Business casual: Style a white polo t shirt and tuck it in with any trousers, a pair of good shoes, and a classy watch.
  • Dinner: wear a black polo with ripped jeans and a pair of cool sneakers and you are good to go.
  • Sunday Picnic: Printed polo with white shorts are perfect for a chilled-out picnic.
  • Movie Outing: Any light color polo with black denim and a pair of good flip-flops.


This article exhibits a perfect 10-item wardrobe. These items can vary in color. They are the wardrobe essentials for every man.

Your best wardrobe will consist mainly of basic attires. Every single piece of attire above will make you look more stylish and handsome. Cotton shirts are the most comfortable and best for every man.

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